Irish Slang in Polish, 28/Feb-6/Mar

Here’s everything form last week

Tattooing the tarmac (a new term used in reference in the uprise in “Boy Racers” who enjoy making donuts on tarmac)

Tatuażu asfalt

Don’t piss down my back & tell me it’s raining (Don’t lie to me)

Nie sikaj mi po plecach mowiac ze to deszcz

Hows it hangin’? (How are you, my friend?)

Jak leci?

These rissoles are quare good lad (My good friend, these spice burgers [or rissoles in Wexford] taste rather fantastic)

Te hamburgery przyprawy są naprawdę dobre, stare!

I’d ate the crotch out of a low flying duck (I’m so hungry that I would actually eat the crotch from a duck provided it flew close enough to the ground)

Zjadlbym krocze nisko lecacej kaczki

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Slán, nara

This Weeks Irish Slang in Polish

Rightio here is the Irish Slang in Polish from the last week

Ride me sideways, (make love to me passionately & roughly)

pieprz mnie pobocze

Whisht up be fucked, (please, be quiet)

zamknij sie do cholery

Whats that yoke-a-mi-bobs over there? (What is that? I can’t recall the name)

Co to jest to tam?

He’s a horse in a mansuit, (He’s a great man)

On jest facetem w konskim fraku

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Irish Slang to Polish

On my twitter I’m going to try and translate some Irish slang into Polski everyday.

Because I’ll be doing it everyday there, I’ll do a weekly roundup here, since I only started doing this last Saturday, I’ve only go two entries but I’ll have more for you next week.

1. In a hoop; Very intoxicated,

w obręcz

2. Don’t piss on my chips; Don’t annoy/upset me,

nie sikaj ma moje frytki

3. You’re as awkward as a sow reversing; You have very bad coordination,

Jestes tak nietypowy jak cofajaca swinia

Check back next week for more,