David Norris Vs Jaroslaw Kaczynski

I don’t usually write about politics, to be honest I think a person’s politics is like their religion and they should both be kept private but I do want to write a small thing about the above politicians.

David Norris

Now that the dust has settles on the Katyn Tragedy, it seems likely that Jaroslaw Kaczynski, brother of dead president Lech, will be the next president of Poland.

Of course, everyone will have an opinion on the man and his politics. Not that I can vote in Poland but if I could it would most certainly not be for him.

However, I would like to stress to my Polish readers please not to vote for him and not for political reason, here’s why…

I want Senator David Norris to be the first gay president in the world….He’s intelligent and articulate and would make a fine president of Ireland and best of all the fact that he’s openly gay Ireland would be showing that we are a progressive and liberal country, although the new BS surrounding the Headshops may go against that. I do honestly believe that Ireland is a forward thinking and mostly liberal country.

Herein lies my problem with Kaczynski, the man could completely steal Norris‘ thunder as the world’s first gay president. I’m not going to go into his political views, there’s plenty of stuff on the internet about all that mumbo-jumbo. What really annoys me is that he will not come out of the closet fearing that it will end his career. Jaroslaw Kaczynski

I couldn’t care less that he’s gay, naw, the opposite, just don’t be lieing to the people that you’ll be ruling over. Although if he did come out then none of the Catholic right would vote for him.

Oh and how do we know he’s homosexual, coz he lives at home with his mum and his cats.

So to reiterate, don’t vote for Kaczynski, we want Norris to be the first gay president.