Snow, Snow and…well, more freakin' Snow

Well it seems that Ireland’s up in arms with a whole 5cm of snow forecast for today….5cm, ha! I laugh in the face of such trivial amounts of sneachta, ’twas -18C here just the other day, so count yerselves lucky. Although in al fairness the boyos in charge should be better prepared and there’s no reason why the roads were in such a God-awful condition while I was home for Christmas.

So all is settled back now after the festivities and the tree must be taken down later, I’m not all that superstitious but one year we did leave it up and suffice to say a few things did turn to shite over the following months and I ain’t tempting fate again.

Back to work and I’ll be taking a different approach over the next few day, gonna be using music & movie magazine purchased over Christmas as the main material for lessons and get the students involved with discussions about film and music.

Should be good, nice to take a small break from the usual shite of pretend to be in a restaurant and order food, it’s far more interesting to talk about your interests…I mean everyone’s into some kind of music and movies, right?

Waiting on a external DVD drive for my new netbook and will get cracking back on the chunes, got the software, can’t believe I was dumb enough to buy a laptop with no CD drive, well I was in a rush as I hadn’t had a computer in over 6 weeks.

That is all, here’s a wee video of some post-rock to watch the snow fall to.